one day there was a class and they were due to go on a trip."Ok "said the teacher" lets go" so off they went to the bus. On the bus they all sat down and off they went.It it was cloudy but they still had to go. Then soon the clouds had dissepered and the sun was shining and the bus got stuck.Where are we they all said as they got off the bus.It's a mini beach said Lucy thank you they all said to the bus driver.What will we do said logan because they brought stuff for a rainy day.Then they looked in the bags they were full of stuff for the beach WOW!!!!!!! so they got ready and went to the beach and the girls were playing in the sand and the boys were playing in the water.The teacher was just laying down enjoying the sun so everyone was enjoying the beach.Then they all heard a crumbling noise and the teacher said girls please tell me you made a big sandcastle and it just fell down nope said the girls.AAAAAAHHHHHH screamed the children and hid behind there teacher .

Then suddenly out of nowhere prymids came shooting out of the ground.Let's go and explore them said Alan yeah said the pupils.Off they went at the prymids there was a door so they tried to open it.Password repeted the prymid Egypt said Lucy wrong password,chllenge said Logan correct password.Yeah well done Logan and in they went inside and the fun began.welcome to prymid dash answer all correct answers and get through prymid.first door spell money M.O.N.E.Y. that's right.door 2 5000+540=5540 correct.door3 what is evaporation drying up water correct.door4spell flower F.L.O.O..W.E.R. wrong answer 5+29=34 correct.door5 spell soap .S.O.A.P. correct.door6 1000000x0=0 door spell angel .A.N.G.E.L. correct you complete the prymid dash please go home and enjoy your day.Miss miss we completed it. Well it is time to go back to class.