detective girl chapter1

one day there was a girl her was lola and her secret is she is a secret detective .no one knows if it is true not even lola knows if she is good at it so this story is made for you to decide if she is or not.


the next day lola was in the playground and she saw some girls falling out with each other so she was on the case. "what is wrong girls" said lola the girls answered in a silly voice she said I was a lyer she said I am bossy she said I am a tell tale. Ok girls lets sit at the bench and work through this what are your names any way I am lucy and they are amber and ella who are no longer my friends.Well I am sure I will have you friends before you know it.Really said Lucy will we well if I am helping you will.RING RING RING ok that is the bell all come to 25 moonstone road for 4 o'clock so the girls did. I am glad you could all make it. Were hoping that to they said. Ok then lets get started Lucy lets hear your side of the story. Well we were playing happily on the stairs racing then Amber pushed me and then we all started because I told the teacher and she called me a tell tale and Ella that was a bit bossy so I called Amber a lyer for saying that and it got in a bit of a fuddle. Amber what is your side well Lucy bumped me and I fell and Ella helped me up and Lucy went in a huff. Well it sounds like Ella is nothing to do with this but she can be the witness. Ella what did you see well Lola they bumped and both fell and amber was nearest me so got her first I was going to get Lucy but she got up her self so we just left her. From what I am hearing nothing has happened big so are you all friends WERE FRENDS case closed said Lola.

chapter3 After her tea that night she was walking along the park when she saw a sign that said LOST CAT oh that poor cat I am on the case. "MUM I am going to look for a missing cat" "ok darling" her mum said from up the stairs. So off she went down the street to find the missing cat. The cat is called Mr Snoggles so that's what she shouted. "Here kitty kitty!" Then she realised she'd been walking for 4 miles and thought she should rest but just then she saw a cat. So she ran to it. Sadly enough it was not him so she had a rest then thought to go home because it was nearly time for bed. On the way home she saw a cat so ran for it. This time it was him so she took him home and went to her own house.

chapter4 when Lola woke up the next morning she saw that the mail was there so she cheked if any of it was hers. There was one that said private for Lola.She was so exited to open it "WOW!!!" said Lola in amazement.On the letter it said dear Lola I have heard you are being a really good detective so I am inviting you to work at my top secret detective lab. from mr. marker. Lola could not belivie her eyes she had a hard dessicion to make. "Should I or should I not?" just then her mum shouted "honey get ready for school." "oh ok mum." so she ran upstairs and hid the letter in her room and went to school. At school she was so stressed she sat on the stairs till the bell rang then RING RING RING and she ran to class.

chapter5 When she was class it just got even harder in class. Everyone was making a fool of her because they thought she had no friends.The teacher said "stop it now and sit down!" so they all did. "lets do the register. Lola here Lucy?" "here" Amber here Look here Jack here ok everyones here. Finally it was lunch time and the decision was made I am going to the lab she said to her mum when she got home.What lab honey oh I forgot to tell you look under my pillow and you will see.Oh that lab they left a phone number on the bottom maybe you should phone it.Ok lets see 096451 hello i'm Lola you sent me a letter about your lab so I am going to come when will I come well said the man maybe for about 8 days time ok see you then.8 days later her mum was saying bye to her she didn't want her to leave but it was her choice and from then Lola and her mum lived happily ever after the end.