One day there was a girl called Lisa and Lisa was starting collage.She was so exited but would miss her mum and dad.This is the story to prepare for collage.Lisa have you got the boxes to pack for collage yes said Lisa.remember you can't pack too much I won't says Lisa.She was training to be a biologist and had her own room.The next day she sat in her room and packed she went in a week she couldn't be unprepared.Here we go said Lisa clock yes picture scrapbook yes lamp yes plates yes electric heater yes books yes what else she said.telephone yes T.V yes board games yes.Mum will get the furniture later she said.Her last few days at home were going to mean a lot so she spent all the time with her mum and dad.2 days to go she was so exited but her mum was so upset don't worry mum i'll be ok.1 day to go they went to the zoo Lisa was never to old for the zoo.Beep beep beep went her alarm clock time for collage said mum.She got dressed and got in the car 2 hours it took to get there greenswhorth collage said the sign this is it then good-bye honey I'll help you take your stuff to your room and then i'll see you at October break.Thanks mum tell dad I love him ok honey I'll do that for you.Her room was really big it took 3 weeks to get used to it though but they gave her 2 weeks before classes every night she was to phone her mum to let her know what happened and one night she phoned up with some good news.Hello mum I have something to tell you they say I have got about 3 years to complete the course that's great news honey well phone you tomorrow ok bye.Lisa has a really good time at collage for 3 years
the end