One day there was a girl called Emma.
Emma was begging her mum for a dog.No said her mum you are not getting a dog Emma.30DAYSLATER.It is your birthday in 1 month what do you want a dog said Emma ok I will take you to pick next week.At school she told all her friends and they all
got jelous.The next week it was time to go and pick a dog.When they got there 10 cute puppy's were rolling about on the floor.I like that one mum but that one is so cute.Well remember they might not be cute when they are big dogs.I suppose so i'll take that one.Mandy said the woman that was selling them yes I want Mandy.Ok I will sort you up with a list of all the things you need then you and Mandy can go and buy them.That is perfect said mum why don't you all her and carry her out to the car.Great idea mum Mandy here girl woof woof said Mandy as running towards Emma.Goodbye said the woman handing mum a list of things to buy bye said mum and put Mandy in her box witch was in the boot.Now let's get to the pet shop woof said Mandy from the boot I think that means yes said Emma lauging her head of.At the pet shop the got every thing on the list.Bowl food 6 toys poo bags a cage a bed treats and a lead.When they got home they set the cage up and fed Mandy.After that it was dinner time for Emma.Then she took some cute pictures to show at school on Monday what a day it had been.Time to walk Mandy said mum so mum took mandy on the lead and Emma took the ball and the poo bags.When they got to the park mum let Mandy off her lead and Emma played feach with her.4YEARS LATER.Emma dear what do you want for your birthday?Oh I want one of those big robots that turn into your brother or sister.My friend Amber got one and she thought it was epic.That's fine with me then gran is coming to stay tonight so I thought she could come for tea and look after you well I get you present.Ok said Emma and ran out the back and called for Mandy. She came but she knew something she was going to be forgot.Why could Emma not ask for something like make up a broud game or even a I-pad.They played some feach then gran was here.Hello gran said Emma I have your present but you can open it in the morning ok gran.Now i 'll make tea and let your mum get away they had pizza for tea then wached some Friday night tv.In the morning they all got up early to open the presents she got the robot from mum,an ipad from gran ,a winter set from aunt Ruby, some makeup from her cousins,a book from amber, a clock from Lucy, a make your own set from Grace, a pillow from Kate, and even Mandy got her something a teddy bear.What ever Mandy was doing though did not work. She called the robot Hana and they played all weekend Mandy was right she was forgot.